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Website/Blog Remodeling Information

Thinking about remodeling a site is overwhelming.


Red Balloon Web Design will walk you through the process -  deciding what didn't work or is out of style, what you'd rather see, who your audiences are, what story you want to tell, what features you need in the site, and more.


We will keep the "soul" of your business intact while bringing it new life.

Wordpress--Squarespace--GoDaddy Website Builder

These price ranges and features are generalities, and will be adjusted to provide the best product for you.

Level One

$900-1600 . 00

A Basic Website 
  • Contains 1 - 5 pages
  •  2 Custom Integrations

Level Two

$1700-2800 . 00

A Medium Site
  • Contains 6 - 14 pages
  • 4 Custom Integrations

Level Three

$2900-4500 . 00

A Large Website
  • Contains 15 - 20+ pages
  • 5 Custom Integrations

All remodeled Red Balloon Web Design websites include:

Mobile Responsive Design

Call-To-Action (button or hyperlink) on each page

Basic SEO tool set-up

Sitemap Plan

Stock Images unless others are provided

Site Speed tool set-up

One (1) Contact Form

Website Analytics tool

Two (2) rounds of revision