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The Services We Offer

New Website/Blog Construction

Bringing a new website to life involves many activities - Hiring me means we will do every step together.


  • deciding on the "feel" of your site
  • deciding on and procuring a domain name for your site
  • deciding on the hosting company you want to use
  • creating your logo 
  • selecting images, making font and color palette choices
  • producing written copy for the text areas
  • registering your site with search engines
  • utilizing keywords in your copy to improve SEO rankings for your site

You may have some of these things decided or maybe not.  We can work with that.

Remodel Existing Website/Blog

Remodeling gives existing sites an updated look with better functionality for your clients or users.  


Ideas for remodeling your existing website:

  • fresh, relevant images
  • changing page structure to logically group content for ease of use                   and more natural flow thru the site, for users
  • new written copy for text areas
  • putting in links to boost SEO rankings and add value for users
  • updating  page organization and navigation 
  • changing web platform and hosting company if desired
  • adding features--maps, donation or payment apps, email integration, etc. 

Refresh Existing Website/Blog

Refreshing a site is like giving it a new coat of paint.  Not big but impactful.  

Regular site changes improve your search engine ranking.


Some refreshing ideas to consider:

  • Change site for seasonal or annual events, and then revert to original,               when event is finished 
  • Edit your text copy to keep SEO rankings high
  • Swap images when you have new products to show off
  • Add links and backlinks as natural opportunities arise
  • Add/Subtract pages or edit parts of pages, when your staffing changes
  • Publish blog posts on a regularly scheduled basis

Professional Critique of DIY sites

If you have constructed your own website and would like professional feedback on color palette/fonts/navigation/page construction/copy editing,  I can help.


  • This service includes a 45 minute assessment with feedback via a Zoom         appointment.  
  • Please submit a description of your target audience(s) and the site URL         in advance, so that I may review your site before the appointment.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Updates for sites

All websites/blogs need to be kept current on the "backend".  This is the part of the site that is not visible, but holds all the computer code that forms your site.  As programmers of popular site builders update and fix troubles in their codes, new versions of apps and themes and programs become available.  These program updates and coding updates are NOT automatically reflected in your site. 


  • Updates are done individually, by hand, so that your site continues to               work properly.


To assist in keeping your site current, I offer regularly scheduled site maintenance services.

Setting up a Google Profile for your business

Google offers a great, free product that allows your business to be found when potential customers are using a search engine to locate businesses,  restaurants, or services. GBP set-up includes putting in photos, business hours, contact information, and your choice of customer interaction messaging.


*Google Business Profiles are similiar to social media in that regular attention to making posts or adding new content will keep your profile fresh and new, prompting Google to show your profile more readily on customer searches.