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Regular Site Maintenance

What IS it and why do I need it?

Regular site maintenance is a planned, scheduled out, regular time to go into the code area of your site and make sure that all parts are up to date and in working order.


Your website is made up of computer code.  This code can become obsolete when new versions of small snippets of code (plug-ins) are updated or themes (site building templates) have been updated or discontinued.  If you don't have the new versions that fix troubles or add features, your site may not work as you are expecting it to.  


It's easy to forget about the backend of your site, because it's "behind the scene" of your website/blog.  That doesn't mean it's not important to check.

To assist in keeping your site current, I will do bi-weekly maintenance for your site.

Contracts available: 

  • 3 month ($100/month)
  • 6 month ($87/month)
  • 12 month($75/month)