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Professional Critique of DIY Site

What IS this and why do I need it?

A professional website critique is a meeting between me and the person who designed the website under review.  It allows for fresh eyes to see the project, for teaching about website design principles and for website construction tips to be shared.  


Critiques are not meant to be harsh and tell you what you've done poorly. They are meant to be helpful and to give you a boost towards a better site.


It often happens that if you make your own website, you may ask a trusted friend or colleague for feedback.  This usually comes back as vaguely positive with no real points for improvement.  Or you may try to put on a critical eye and review it yourself. But it's hard to know where to start and even harder to be objective about your brand, the site's usability and the design - especially if you've done all the work yourself.

Each review will consist of a 45 minute Zoom call, where I will walk through your website section by section, and give you my ideas.  The fee for this is $150.


When you prepare for this appointment, please send me the site URL,the specific pages you'd like feedback on and the audience(s) you are aiming to reach.

After this appointment, if you decide that you'd rather not continue with a DIY site, but instead have it done by Red Balloon Web Design, the critique fee will be applied to the future balance for a site remodel or new site construction project.