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New Website/Blog Construction Information

Our brand new websites are customized to your business, interest, blog or non-profit organization. 


At Red Balloon Web Design there is no cookie-cutter approach to your site.

These price ranges and features are generalities, and will be adjusted to provide the best product for you.

Level One

$900-1600 . 00

A Basic Website 
  • Contains 1 - 5 pages
  •  2 Custom Integrations

Level Two

$1700-2800 . 00

A Medium Site
  • Contains 6 - 14 pages
  • 4 Custom Integrations

Level Three

$2900- 4500 . 00

A Large Website
  • Contains 15 - 20+ pages
  • 5 Custom Integrations

All new Red Balloon Web Design websites include:

Mobile Responsive Design

Call-To-Action (button or hyperlink) on each page

Basic SEO tool set-up

Sitemap Plan

Stock Images unless others are provided

Site Speed tool set-up

One (1) Contact Form

Website Analytics tool

Two (2) rounds of revision