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Site Refreshing

What IS this and why do I need it?

Site Refreshing is a product offered by Red Balloon Web Design to help you keep your site fresh for users and top of mind for Google and other Search Engines.


Site Refreshing possibilities include:

  • pulling old images and putting in new images
  • adding or removing pages on the site, as needs warrant the change
  • changing frustrating navigation paths within the site
  • adding in new blog posts
  • changing out merchandise that is available in a e-commerce store on the site
  • updating body copy in the text portions of the site
  • changing site for seasonal reasons or for events
  • adding in or changing links within the site


Websites are living documents.  When something relevant to your business or your interests changes, your website should reflect that change if you want your customers or clients or followers to be up-to-date and have the most accurate information.


When users see that your site is changing on a regular basis, they see that you are an engaged website/blog host and that you care about the information that is out on the Internet.  You strive to keep your site content accurate so that users have the most up-to-date information and to minimize user frustration in using your site when accessing important information. 


Happy users = More sales/More clients/More leads/More followers 

Site refreshing is done on your existing site for an hourly fee.  $75/hour

Client is responsible for supplying all log-in credentials.