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Examples Of Work 

Remodeling A Site

I'm not always the creator of a site. 


Occasionally, the web developer/client relationship gets stale, so someone else is hired to revive the website, giving it new life out on the Internet.


I have worked with clients to completely remodel the outside framework of their existing site - while keeping the "feel" of their organization/blog intact. 


In these instances, my clients chose to update all parts of their existing site and then add more features to make their site more personalized, meeting more specific user needs.

Example 1



The client came to me after having trouble with the previous web developer's services during her non-profit organization fundraisers for the last 2 years. 


The backstory - When her supporters were trying to make a donation, the portal didn't work and they were not able to donate online.  When she contacted the developer for assistance, she was told  " it looks good on my end" , and the conversation ended.  In addition, the developer left typos and broken links that he made, in her live site.  


After working with Terri -

  • We found a reputable donation portal that didn't rely on the Wordpress code for a payment plan to be updated by RBWD.  It is an organization unto itself and provides an easy way for supporters to donate while giving lots of donor information to the client, all in a concise package.  It does cost a tiny amount, but was worth it to the client to avoid the stress and headaches of the past. 
  • We increased the font size of the copy and made the colors easier to read.
  • We made a few pages in sections, so when fundraisers are not happening, that section of the chosen page can be removed, yet the fundraiser section can be easily added when needed again.
  • We made the menu options more precise, and hid those that the client is not ready to use.  They are available if/when she wants them.
  • The client was committed to a long-term contract with her hosting company, so we kept that and upgraded to a higher level plan.  This gives us a back-up of her site daily ( by the host ) and site security.


Going forward - 

The client is planning on adding some merchandise to the site, for supporters to purchase. Additionally, we've left some menu tabs open for a Press page to advertise when the trainers or organization are recognized out in the community.  These menu items provide valuable opportunities for back links to be made, which will help the SEO of the site.  RBWD will be doing regularly scheduled Wordpress site maintenance in the future.  


Example 2



The client came to me asking for her blog to be modified so it could accomodate interactivity between readers and the blogger, and between the readers themselves.  She also wanted it to look more up-to-date and interesting to the eye.


The backstory -  The blogger enjoyed writing the posts, but wasn't able to read comments from readers or spark discussions among readers. 


After working with Terri - 

  • We chose a new Wordpress theme, and copied over all the original blog posts into the new format.
  • We chose images for each blog post.
  • There is now the ability for readers to comment on each post, and comment on other comments.
  • We constructed a navigation menu, incorporating a page for readers to get to know the blogger.
  • Since the initial re-do, we've added pages for Bible Studies and Prayer Requests.  There are plans to add more information areas as we continue to work together.


Going forward - 

The client is planning on continuing with periodic blog posts, which Terri will post along with a corresponding image (with client approval).  There are plans to add a sub-blog area relating to My Church, and a page for a Kid's Prayer Ministry that is yet to be determined.  RBWD will be working with the client to make edits in the blog post writings in order to improve the SEO of the blog. 


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