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New Construction of Site

Having and maintaining a small business website is vital to your overall business success. 


You need a way for patrons and clients to find you so they can engage with your business/blog.


Here are some examples of brand new websites/blogs that I have made for clients.  

In all of these, the client didn't take all my suggestions and so appear as the client wanted them to be.

New Business, New Site

This client contacted me when she was in the process of starting her own business. 


She was unsure of what she wanted on the site, and gave me free rein besides giving me the company logo and the biographical information and photos. 


 The vibe of her studio is very natural and spartan and so I made the theme of the site nature- with blues and greens and foliage.  I incorporated a page showing all the equipment that the studio offers, as this is a big selling point for the studio, and pages were also created to define the safety of the studio space in terms of air quality and infection control, and to define what exactly a class is versus a private session in her studio.


In the end, the rights to the site were transferred to the client with Red Balloon Web Design left on the account as able to modify the site when asked. 


Total time for the project was approximately 4 weeks from initial phone call to the site going live.  

New Business, New Site

This client came to me with her business idea, and we talked about what questions a potential client might have and made a plan for pages to address those concerns.  I made a few logo templates and she chose one, and it was incorporated into the site.


She wants her business to serve patients and their families in a compassionate way, so I worked to make the ambience of the site be comforting, calm, and non-scary with an overall theme of “someone being with you through this hard life transition”.  These things were accomplished by the site color palette, and simple photos and conversational text.


Since her business is health-care related and the client has an active state licensure and additional certifications, I added links to her certification organizations so that potential clients could do their research on her qualifications more easily. 


I also made the contact form quite large and simple so that it would not be stressful to fill out.

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