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Meet Terri

Hello, and thank you for stopping by to learn more about Red Balloon Web Design.

How did you get into this line of work?My first career was working as a registered pharmacist in a large HMO clinic.  I loved the precision required in the work, and the educating opportunities I got when I spoke to patients at the counter.  I transitioned to being a full-time stay at home mom to 4 little boys, and got to hone my organizational and logistical skills.  As I was living the life of a busy mom, I was missing out on the rise of computer use as a tool of daily living and I really regretted that.  I wanted to learn how to use the computer but didn't have a direction or purpose for doing so.  When my kids got older and more self-reliant, I returned to school yet again for a 3rd college degree.  This time I went to a technical college and got an AA degree in Technology Management. Today, with Red Balloon Web Design, I get to combine precision, creativity, relationships, educating and helping people.   My goal going into school is still my goal today-- making affordable websites for small/tiny businesses, to help them increase their online presence and grow their businesses, and to take the stress out of a part of their jobs.

Why are you a great person to work with?I am a registered pharmacist,  turned web designer/developer-  successful at two very different  professions. 
While taking advantage of this breadth of experience, I use both sides of my brain while working on your project-- I am creative with design and colors, and think outside of the box to achieve your goals, while also being meticulous about proof-reading text, being sure all parts of the site are working and being flexible in making adjustments in the site as they are warranted by analytics and user feedback.

Can you help me to pick the type of web platform that is best for me?
There are a
lot of choices in web design and development.  

I have experience making sites using Squarespace and Wordpress (various themes).  If none of that makes any sense, it's OK. 😊      We talk everything through, making sure you understand what your choices are.  I can explain things in layman's terms and we go at the pace that you are comfortable with.  No question is a dumb question to me.

How do you charge for your work?For new websites, site remodel projects, and blog projects - I will determine my fees after we discuss the scope of your plan in a complimentary conversation. 

Refresh projects are completed for an hourly fee, measured in quarter-hour increments.

Critique of DIY sites, Maintenance contracts, and set-up of Google Business Profile prices are a set fee.

Who have you worked with?Springs Pilates
*Guiding Light Death Doula
T-Bone Rey
Competitive Wellness
Sisterhood Of Saints
Onpoint Data Consulting
Corrick College Consulting
Minnesota Junior Bowler's Tour
River Falls Junior Bowling
Dworsky Wealth Management
Integrity Orthopaedics
*Kiskis Law
*Recovery For Your Life
Leo Dworsky
Senior Living Floral

Some of these sites were returned to their owners after I worked with them, and may be edited from how I left them after my project with the client.
* = no longer an active site